This company was established on November 2015 where the premise took place at No 33-M, Jalan DBP, Dolomite Business Park, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor. The core business of this new setup company is camel milk healthy products where the origin idea of commercialize this product comes from Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) over the last 25 years ago.

At first, after the completion of research done on 2003, the pioneer company which is Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Product (EICMP) based in Dubai had took the golden changes to build up this camel milk based business. For the next 3 years in 2006, their first camel milk product finally hit the success in UAE shelves in August of the same year.

As pioneer of camel milk based products, EICMP has become the world’s first sophisticated camel milking plant, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and camel research with an ultimate goal to introduce camel milk to the markets and by doing so, to make it accessible to a large number of consumers. Their facilities that used to undergoes the milk production for both (farm facilities and the dairy processing). The whole operation also fulfils the strict EU requirement for expert into the European Union countries.

Seeing this opportunity and success gain by EICMP, Palmabrand Camel Milk Sdn Bhd has put the trust to become the whole distributor of EICMP based in Malaysia that is fully optimist in giving great health benefits to people and fulfil the local and international demands who are consuming the camel milk products under this company brand name in where the raw materials powder are processed by using latest integrated advanced technology and 4000+ quality camels.

Despite of becoming whole distributor, this company has higher mission and vision to always build strong and sustainable camel milk industry especially in Malaysia as a leading country worldwide.